Designing for over
10,000 hours

Turning ideas into playful, bold, contemporary &
problem solving design that speaks for you.

Hello! I'm Palak

Artist at heart, brand strategist in the mind and craftsman in the spirit. A designer with engineer’s brain.

A design-erd with a post graduation in Communication Design. The engineer in me tries to find logic and organisation in design while my OCD compels me to spend hours on the tiniest of details.

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Brand Design

Brand Strategy

Brand Positioning, Brand Name, Brand Architecture, Tone of Voice, Identity Design, Logo Design, Brand Visual Language.

Brand Applications

Packaging Design, Brand Campaigns, Print Design, Space and Retail Design

Experience Design

Experience Planning

User Research, Competitive Analysis, UX Strategy, Product Architecture,User Flows, Wire-framing, Experience Prototyping

Experience Execution

Visual Design for Websites and Web App, Mobile Apps and other interfaces.